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Terms and conditions

1. ELIGIBILITY                                                                                                                                                                                  The following terms and conditions are for booking, buying and using Finland Holidays Oy, Sorkantie 13B33, 26100 Rauma, Finland (business id 2838668-9) tours considered as tour operator. The tour consists at least two services and it is considered as tour.The person booking or buying these tours is considered as customer. All the information provided by the the tour operator must be informed to all customers mentioned in the tour confirmation. The services executed or carrying out the services are considered as suppliers. By booking the tour the customer accepts the tour terms and conditions of the tour operator including the instructions and rules of the supplier.

The booking must be made in written by e-mail. The tour confirmation will be sent when all the services included in the tour are confirmed by the suppliers. The customer must check that all the information is correct in the tour confirmation. A deposit of 20% of the tour price must be made upon the time of confirmation. The remain balance must be paid latest 30 days before the tour starts. If the tour starts within 45 days or less the whole tour price must be paid. In some cases a higher deposit is required depending on the travel season. The complete payment information will be sent with the tour confirmation. With credit card payments a surcharge 1-4% will be added to the tour price depending on the credit card.Any additional payment fees such as bank transfer fees are paid by the customer.The customer must provide reservation or other required information with the payments required by tour operator. Official payment copies of money transfers must be sent if so required by tour operator.

The tour price in euros (€) will be informed upon confirmation. The prices are per person in double/twin room or equivalent.The tour operator reserves the right to change the confirmed tour price in cases of tax increases set by government, airline extra fuel charges etc. If the customer fails to make the deposit or end payment in due time the confirmed price may change. No unused tour services will be refunded.

All the names must be informed to the tour operator exactly the same as they appear at the passport in latin alphabet.Some data information is required by suppliers such as airlines and shipping companies.The tour operator is not responsible for denied services or expenses caused by incorrect or insufficient names and/or passenger data. No passenger data will be shared to other parties expect suppliers.

Finland is the member of the European Union and part of the Schengen area.The client must have a valid passport in proper condition and with no missing parts when travelling. Passport must be valid for the whole time of the tour.The European Union citizens can also use the official European Union id-cards. The client must check visa requirement from the nearest Finnish Embassy. Customer must check all the passport and the visa regulations before any travel or tour booking in Finland. If other European countries will be visited multiple entry visas may be needed.No refunds will be made by tour operator in the case of cancelation if customer has failed to obtain required passport or visas.

Changes or modifications for confirmed tour can be made by paying an extra fee if the change or modification is possible with existing capacity.The tour price may change with such action.
In case of irregularities such as delayed flights, acute illness or accident the tour operator must be informed soonest possible. In these cases the tour operator makes necessary changes if they can be replaced.The replaced services and arrangements may differ from the confirmed original ones.
If the tour starts in Finland the tour operator is not responsible for consequences of mentioned irregularities and/or the costs it may cause. The customer must have an insurance that covers the costs of these irregularities. A no-show of a client is considered as cancellation and no refund is available.

The tour operator is liable to deliver the paid tour as it is confirmed.If some of these services cannot be partly or wholly delivered the tour operator and the suppliers will make all the efforts for supplying similiar or corresponding services. The tour operator has the right to alter services of the tour as far it is relevant or cause immoderate inconvenience. A refund will be made of any undelivered part and extra costs it may cause. A compensation or refund will be paid in cases of unprofessionally delivered services. In cases of force majeure such as strikes, weather conditions, public security, safety or health issues or authority orders a refund will be made of the undelivered orders.
If the passenger is denied to entry at the border or in the country of origin or transfer the tour operator is not liable to any refund.Failing to follow rules, instructions, safety regulations or risk behaviour of the customer during the tour the customer may lose the rights for paid services and refund.

Any problems arising during are immediately to be informed to the tour operator. The tour operator will make efforts to solve the problem with the supplier. If the problem cannot be solved during the tour a compensation can be claimed by customer afterwards. If the customer and the tour operator are unable to find a mutual solution for the claim the Consumer Board in Helsinki will investagate the case and give neutral proposition for solution.
Customer can make the claim by filling a form in English in website www.kuluttajariita.fi/en

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