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Once in a lifetime photographing tour in Lapland

Surely one of the best photographing tour you have ever experienced!

Day 1/ Wilderness photographing / expedition timetable 0900-1400

A full-day wilderness adventure is our way to experience the remote and untouched nature of Lapland. You will hike through authentic Arctic nature in a small expedition team led by a professional guide who is specialized in wilderness photography.We will travel to our destination by car and then continue our journey on foot to reach the most beautiful natural locations far away from the crowds. Throughout the day you will come upon unparalleled opportunities to photograph and experience Lapland’s unique nature. The guides are nature photographers, so they know countless serene and hidden spots and can make the experience that you are looking for. All our destinations are carefully chosen to represent the most impressive variety of landscapes and idyllic scenery. Light lunch,snacks and hot drinks are served during the expedition. Snow shoes&poles, warm clothing and boots are also for your use.

Northern Lights/expedition timetable 2000-2400

Experience the magic of Lapland and photograph the amazing Northern Lights! Going Aurora hunting with our professional guides, you have the best possible chance to witness the Northern Lights. We co-operate with top tour company specialised in Aurora photography  in Lapland and will ensure that you get the photos of a lifetime.

The focus of our expedition is the Rovaniemi area and we travel by minivan. We start with a team meeting about the tour of the day. You will get a short briefing about current weather conditions, Aurora forecasts and about our destination of the day.

Northern Lights are always unpredictable and there is no guarantee that we will find them every night. However, we give you the best possible chance to experience and photograph these mystical wonders of the Arctic area. What sets us apart from other tour providers is a genuine determination of finding the Northern Lights. With us you are a member of an exclusive team led by a professional expedition guide. Simply put, we are real Aurora hunters and rely on the following to succeed in our mission:

* background research into local weather and Aurora forecasts
* live information feed coming direct into our minivan
* local knowledge of all the best viewing spots
* willingness to go the extra mile – or a hundred miles – to find the Aurora

During the night, we normally go to 2-3 different locations which are always chosen according to local weather conditions and photographic opportunities. This means that if we have a clear sky and a possibility to see the Aurora 100 km away, we will take the chance and drive you there.

Altogether we have over 50 locations from which we can choose the best ones each night! After reaching our destination we leave the minivan and continue on foot to reach the perfect spots in the middle of the nature. In the destination our guide, a professional photographer, helps you prepare your cameras for Northern Lights photography and we are ready for the show of a lifetime!

As our tours are photography based and quite demanding we have a minimum age of 10 years to participate in our activities. If you are traveling with younger children, please contact us and we’ll arrange a private tour for you!

We highly recommend that you bring your own DSLR camera to our tours, as we cannot guarantee that you are able to take night photos with compact or phone cameras.

On those nights when we are unable to find Northern Lights because of heavy clouding or snowfall, we will concentrate on night photography in the middle of the Arctic nature and take you to some of our night photography locations! Hot drinks and snacks are served during the expedition. Snow shoes&poles, warm clothing and boots are also for your use.

Day 2/Korouma and Auttiköngäs/expedition timetable 0800-1400

Autti-Korouoma tour takes you to these two outstanding photography locations led by a professional photographer. Under his guidance, you will reach the best spots and bring alive the story of these areas in your photos.

Our first destination will be Korouoma Canyon, which is a natural wonder formed thousands of years ago. It lies a 90-minute drive away from Rovaniemi. In the bottom of the canyon flows Korojoki River, which is surrounded on both sides by cliffs over 100 meters high. Several streams cascade down these cliffs freezing into magnificent ice falls in the winter time. When arriving the area and after short walk we will reach the frozen waterfall of Ruskea Virta, which is the highest waterfall in the area. It´s well known among the photographers, as also among ice climbers who are willing to reach theirs limits on this 60-meters high wall of ice.

From Korouoma our journey continues to the great canyon of Auttiköngäs. The canyon itself is breathtaking scene to witness. 16-meter high waterfall running wildly and rapidly regardless of the freezing temperatures — that really seals the success of this photography tour. Owing to these unique wonders of the nature, Auttiköngäs creates an extraordinarily diverse experience when it comes to photographing and really savoring the Arctic environment during this full-day tour. 2 km of walking during the day.

During the tour we will stop at a lean-to and build a fire, over which your expedition guide will prepare snacks and beverages for the group. Always heading out in a small group, ensures that we can offer you the most exclusive way to experience these outstanding locations. We take pride in making sure you capture the best photos from your holiday with help of our professional photographer guide. Hot drinks and snacks are served during the expedition. Warm clothing and boots are also for your use.

Day 3/Snowshoe adventure in the wilderness 

Snowshoeing is one of the best ways to move in deep snow. Dating back at least 3500 years, this ancient form of winter hiking is ideal for exploring the Lappish nature offering great opportunities for photography.Snowshoes grant us access to remote areas allowing us to connect with untouched nature and take in the glorious atmosphere of Arctic forests. From Rovaniemi we will travel by minivan to our location hidden in the woods. We provide you with high quality snowshoes, especially made for deep-snow hiking and take a few kilometers’ hike in the wilderness.During the day, we will have a break in a wooden shelter where we will build a campfire and enjoy some snacks while photographing the Arctic nature. The tour is guided by a professional photographer who will also teach you some tricks and techniques for your own landscape and nature photography. If we are in luck, we may encounter some wildlife during our adventure.

The tour includes:
– transfers airport-hotel- airport
– hotel accommodation for four nights in double room including breakfast
– day 1:Wilderness photographing 0900-1400 and Northern lights 2000-2359
– day 2:Korouma and Auttiköngäs 0800-1400
– day 3:Snowshoe adventure in wilderness 1000-1300
– the private tour guidance of professional photographers
– hotel pick up & drop off with each expedition
– hot drinks and snacks during the expeditions and light lunch on Day 1

Every tour has a minimum of 2 persons and a maximum of 8 persons.

Availibility: 01 December 2023-15 April 2024. Early bookings recommended.

Tour prices from your departure country:
Helsinki 1190€ with Norwegian

Enquire the tour price from the airport near you!

Extra nights and different room types possible for extra charge. This tour can be combined with other tours in Lapland. Also other travel arrangements possible.

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